Artificial intelligence today is the real hype of the business world. All this euphoria has created a distorted understanding that this kind of technology works miracles. But not quite.

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Robots and systems that work autonomously still need to learn a lot to finally turn science fiction into reality. Before undertaking high-performance solutions, companies still need to do a steady job and assess in which areas it will be worth investing in technology.

So before you implement artificial intelligence to improve your productivity and reduce costs, calm down.

The scenario of artificial intelligence

The scenario of artificial intelligence

It is inevitable to say that this ecosystem has been growing at exponential rates. So much so that analysts are already discussing a possible future bubble, such as the Internet, in the 1990s. The global artificial intelligence market was estimated at $ 7.35 billion by 2018, according to the Statistician . This value includes applications such as:

  • image recognition and writing
  • speech processing
  • detection
  • ranking
  • identification of objects

The prediction about the future of artificial intelligence is constant. And it’s not risky to bet that among the next unicorns (companies that hit $ 1 billion), there will be startups with technology-based models. In China, 48% of total startup contributions in the world in 2018. While the United States accounted for 38%, putting more fuel in the war for the dominance of new technologies caught between the two.

Many of the biggest technology companies, such as Google and Amazon, are already buying startups and developing artificial intelligence products and solutions. In the article ” Things That Are in Deep Learning” by data scientist William Vorhie , the birth and advancement of CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) is highlighted. In addition to how technology will replace RNN (Recurrent Neural Network) in translation programs with high potential.

He also points out a number of obstacles that still need to be overcome in order for AI to be effective. Neural network and artificial intelligence models can perform tasks well in environments in which all variables are controlled. And that’s what’s causing a misperception.

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Introduction of technology

Introduction of technology

Companies willing to deploy models of the neural network mistakenly understand that they will be able to magically launch automation models in their operations. To get the implementation done right, there are five important steps that must be followed.

  • Identify what pain the neural network model will cause.
  • Map all processes and seek to understand how to replicate the business rule in algorithms.
  • Be prepared for problem solving . In artificial intelligence systems, thousands of algorithms are generated that generate the same result. What impacts on results is productivity , accuracy and development time .
  • Prepare the company’s infrastructure . The impact of technology is great in both the technical and the human resources aspects. Therefore, it is important to implement change management based on the results achieved.
  • Do not forget to do maintenance . An IA system is different from conventional software that a company installs. An AI model evolves naturally, which leads to new results, understandings and accuracy. So this requires ongoing maintenance and throughout the entire system life cycle.

Do not wait to start your walk to make artificial intelligence an important strategy of your business. But do not forget to control your expectations . It is important to be aware that the machines are still being tested and only in a few years from now will they be able to realize their future dreams.



Last Monday (08) was announced by the Central Bank that the National Extended Consumer Price Index (IPCA) should stay at 4.40%. This is the fourth time in a year that the estimate of inflation rises.

This is the closest projection to the target center established this year: 4.5%. This goal has a lower limit of 3% and higher than 6%.

However, for the coming year, the projection is of a stability at 4.20%. With falls next year, getting 4%. And between 3.97% and 3.95% in 2021. On the targets, for 2019 was established 4.25%, with interval between 2.75% and 5.75%.

While for 2020, the goal is 4%. And in 2021, 3.75%.

Inflation target

Inflation target

Reaching this number is not easy. The Central Bank uses the basic interest rate (Selic) as the main instrument. Currently at 6.5%, the Selic should maintain the same percentage until the end of the year, according to the financial market.

For next year, an increase in the base rate is estimated. With this, the period will end at 8%.

For the following years, it is estimated that there is a variation. In 2020 it would be 8.38%, returning to 8% in 2021.

In this scenario, when the Monetary Policy Committee (Copom) increases the Selic, the goal is to contain the heated demand. This causes price spillovers because higher interest rates increase credit. In addition, they also stimulate savings.

When there is a reduction in the Selic rate, the tendency is for credit to become cheaper. And with incentive to production and consumption, reducing the control of inflation. Everything indicates that the Copom considers the previous changes sufficient to reach the goal, due to the maintenance of the basic rate.

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Growth of the economy

Growth of the economy

But has everything is so bad. Financial institutions also adjusted the estimates of Gross Domestic Product ( GDP). It is the sum of all goods and services produced in the country. The estimate then showed an increase of 0.1%.

Although little, it is a first step, since in three years it estimates that the percentage reaches 2.5%.

Already on the dollar issue. The estimate remained at R $ 3.89 by the end of this year. By the end of 2019, the estimated value is $ 3.83.


Income Tax 2019: All You Need To Know

January and February are marked by important mandatory accounts, such as IPTU and IPVA. However, March and April mark another important thing: the Income Tax . Individuals can begin to report their earnings and expenses exactly today, March 7. And stay connected, because the deadline is until April 30 .

For those who are not familiar, the Income Tax is a tax levied by the Federal Government . In case, each citizen needs to fill out a statement to settle the accounts of how their income has varied over the last year. But it’s not all Brazilians who need to do this, and we’ll explain less soon.

This statement, in this case, will serve the IRS , mainly. In this case, Revenue takes the total of deductible income and expenses for the whole year and will compare with what has already been collected each month . The result then sets whether you still need to collect tax or refund. That is, pay more or get back , respectively.

This is used to finance improvements in public management and in state, municipal and federal services. And do not think that it is something exclusively Brazilian. Even because the Income Tax was created in China in 10 BC

Here in Brazil it only arrived in 1846. But it only worked, as we know it today, in 1922. And today, more than 96 countries charge this tax. In most, the goal is the same, what changes is only how the tax is calculated and the rate that affects the income. Here, the rates for individuals vary between 7.5% and 27.5% .

But after all, who needs to declare Income Tax?

 But after all, who needs to declare Income Tax?

At that moment, it is the question that most catches the attention of the reader. So, pay attention to who will need to declare between today and April 30:

  • Who won over R $ 28,559,70 during 2018
  • Who had gains above R $ 40,000 in 2018 (tax-free amounts or that could only suffer direct discounts at source)
  • Owners of properties or land valued at more than R $ 300 thousand
  • Who invested in the Stock Exchange
  • Rural worker with gross annual income over R $ 140 thousand

If you fall into one of these categories, you must declare it as quickly as possible. After all, if you declare the Income Tax after the deadline, you will have to pay a late penalty , which starts at R $ 165.74 and goes up to the limit of 20% of the tax that should be paid.

In this year, two new rules were implemented:

  • Mandatory to inform the CPF of all dependents
  • When declaring property, you must enter the address, registration number, IPTU and date of acquisition

To make the declaration, you need four mandatory documents:

  • Copy of the 2018 Income Tax return
  • Payment sources yield reports
  • Financial Income Reports
  • Receipts or payment cards for school expenses on your behalf or on behalf of dependents



We cite a lot of dependents in the previous topic, but, after all, who are they? In case, including dependents in the statement works as a “facility” in the Income Tax . And look at the list of possibilities is quite large, look:

  • Stable spouse or partner;
  • Children and stepchildren up to the age of 21 or of any age if they are unable to work or up to 24 if they are in higher education;
  • Brothers, grandchildren and great-grandchildren (up to the age of 21)
  • Minors that you create and educate
  • Parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, provided they have received income, taxable or not, up to R $ 22,847.76 in 2018;
  • Sogros, but only if you declare your spouse as a dependent.
  • Person incapable (under 16 years, with illness or mental deficiency and those who can not express their wishes)
  • Dependents of the spouse
  • Sons married or in stable union
  • Relatives deceased in 2018
  • Dependents who do not live in Brazil
  • Ex-spouse and children receiving alimony.

Whichever one is chosen, it is fundamental to remember not to inform all the assets and income of all the chosen dependents . The “ease” of including dependents is in the possibility of reducing R $ 2,275.08 of the tax. However, it is not always worth it to include a dependent, especially if you have in your name many taxable goods

Types of declaration

 Types of declaration

Currently, there are two types of statements that can be submitted. The simple and the complete . Who chooses which one to send is the taxpayer, always based on the expenses that he / she must declare to the Revenue. In general, the complete is the most suitable for those who have children , for example. This is because this model allows you to detail all the extra expenses.

Simple statement: applied 20% standard discount on all taxable income. Indicated for taxpayers with deductible expenses less than 20% of total taxable income or with taxable income of a maximum of R $ 16,754.34.

Full statement: Consider all possibilities of tax abatement. The discount may be less than 20% and the refund, higher. If it is more ideal, it is recommended to keep proof of expenses for at least five years . This is because the Revenue may ask to provide some clarification.