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You’ve spotted that car for some time. The lines, performance and finishes of the interior have won you over. In short, you’ve finally decided to put your credit card and buy it. There are still some questions that haunt you. Before continuing, it is better to ask for some more opinions, to acquaintances or on the web.

Who are those people who can be asked for advice on a purchase? Family members, friends. Or the influencers.

Web influencers are well-known personalities on industry forums, on thematic blogs, on social networks. They are really good and competent on a certain topic or sector. This is where the success of influencer marketing comes from. Suffice it to say that in the last two years Google’s search for “influencer marketing” has increased by 400%. All companies have understood how crucial the role of these figures is and how fundamental it is to set up a good collaboration with them.

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For startups, in particular, and for all the “neophytes” of a particular business, it is important to build credibility, give visibility to your brand , find partners and “allies”.

Are you an entrepreneur and want to exploit the power of influencer marketing?

How can influencers talk about your business? Many people think it is enough to ask someone to review a particular product and that’s it. No, it’s not that simple. The company must first of all build relationships of trust with the brand ambassadors.

There are a few passages to keep in mind to establish a fruitful collaboration with both influencers.

  • Choose the influencer based on your audience

Choose the influencer carefully. It must be a person with a good following in your target audience. In this way you will have the opportunity to create new interactions that are able, through online word of mouth, to spread your message faster, thanks above all to social networks. To do this you don’t necessarily need a web star: smart influencers are more effective for word of mouth, which you can “recruit” on influencer marketing platforms like Voicr .

  • Offer the influencer a quality editorial plan

The influencers have a wide network because they have managed over time to review products and services in a free, transparent, sincere and spontaneous way. Ask them to collaborate with your brand, perhaps starting with a review. Don’t pressurize: the influencer, to be credible before his followers, must say what he really thinks. The review will then be shared on social media, for the benefit of a wide and interested audience.

  • Top or Smart Influencer?

Involving a star is an effective solution to talk about the company during meetings and events, or simply to take advantage of the “emulation” dynamics of the general public. If, on the other hand, you are interested in exploiting online word of mouth, better rely on smart influencers: ordinary people, with a thousand friends on social media, ready to share your informative or promotional content with friends and relatives. Industry surveys have shown that people, before making a purchase, tend to trust more than the opinion of an acquaintance rather than the slogan recited from memory by a famous testimonial.  

  • It awards the influencer

The best way to gratify an influencer and encourage them to create or share quality content about you, is to pay them adequately and possibly “on performance”, based on the engagement or number of clicks, business contacts and sales generated by every single post.

Having an influencer network at your side that can advertise a product, or simply describe it and tell it to the target audience, will help you to increase the credibility, reputation and popularity of the brand. There is not only a “qualitative” purpose but also a series of objectives made of numbers, clicks, business contacts and sales.


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