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During the meetings organized within the Academy Closer Business in Bydgoszcz, Lodz and Katowice, up 78 Academy participants could listen to 540 minutes of lectures given by 10 expert that the areas of: health and safety, RODO, restriction trademark, quiet factoring, liquidity in the company, Rent long-term leasing and the demand for micro-enterprises in the area of ​​financing.

– During three days we visited three cities and we traveled over 1500 kilometers in order to familiarize with the participants of our free workshops entrepreneurs with issues related to the possibility of raising capital for the development of their own business, but also practical aspects of duties that are on each of them due to the their activities



Our main assumption is sharing practical knowledge provided by experts in various fields related to running your own business with people who run their own business on a daily basis, but not quite with sufficient knowledge of all its scope – explains Rafał Tomkowicz, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Closer to Business.


The highest number of registered activities in history

The highest number of registered activities in history

Last year, the Central Statistical Office registered the highest ever number of sole proprietorships. At the end of November, the electronic database of entrepreneurs entered in the REGON register reached a record value of PLN 3,001 million. is the highest recorded result since the observation, that is from 2012.

Until last year, this figure has never reached the level of 3 million. However, it has brought a significant increase in interest in “moving on its own”, and thus – an increase in the activity of Polish women and Poles in the SME sector. Over the last year, on average, as many as 24.5 thousand monthly. new companies.


These promising results can only be a preview of what the Polish market will face in the coming years. The lowest number of unregistered companies for 4 years and the highest ever number of registered sole proprietorships can be a signal that enterpreneurs are doing better on the Polish market.

– We realize what a challenge it is to run your own business. Our ultimate goal is to become a long-term partner in the selection of the best financing offer for each company, especially in such a dynamically changing environment. I hope that the series of meetings that is the Academy Closer to Business has brought closer the issues that will allow us to get the freedom to act in the development of the company and bring them closer to success – summarizes Piotr Przedlacki, President of the Management Board of Fines SA.

The main organizer of the Bliżejej Biznesu Academy is Aasa Polska and its Aasa Dla Biznesu brand, and its partners are: Fines SA, e-Kancelaria Grupa Prawno-Finansowa, AOMB Patent Office, Sfera Finansów SA, owner of the bcarfull brand.

The next round of the Closer to Business Academy is planned for September. It will be possible to find out in which cities this time our experts will be visiting.



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