Remove the Fear of Starting Your Own Business




 The term ‘start your own business’ was one of the most intimidating concepts on earth for me. The expression “You can never get rich by working for someone else” has always been very attractive. I had no idea how to do it and I was terrified of even trying. I thought it involved thousands of dollars in start-up costs, did not earn any money at first and possibly lost everything I have. I feared failure, I feared the unknown, and I feared the financial risk.

I then met a few people who had successfully started their own businesses. I would not say that I have officially “studied” them, but I have asked them many questions about how they did it.

Just do it


At a certain moment you have to go ahead and start. Take the jump, jump off the cliff, whatever you want to call it. You want to do a certain amount of research and have some sort of plan, but if you wait forever, then you wait forever.

Set goals?

Set goals?

You would think that this would be an obvious part of someone’s startups, but I don’t agree with that. For both companies I started, I never set goals until after the first six months . Why? Because in the beginning, there are unforeseen obstacles or delays to Daniel Quilpijk. Plus, if you are already dealing with a fragile ego regarding your new business, why would you introduce something into it that can make the problem worse? If you have some great goals and you don’t reach them right away, then your chance to quit is greater.

Don’t be an all-round expert


Another common mistake I see is that people want to do endless research before they open their business. This is their subconscious fear of risk in the game. Guess? You will never know it all. Do your due diligence, but don’t let it reach your dreams.

Do not be afraid of making mistakes, fear of repeating them

You never start a faultless business. It is simply impossible to avoid them all. What you can avoid is repeating those mistakes. To do this, you need to be able to identify when a mistake has been made, find out why it happened, find a viable solution and install it. I’m getting a bit subjective here, but I think you understand what I mean. Too often I have seen people’s ego get in the way, or they were not willing to ask for outside help. One thing I’ve always kept in mind during the short lives of both companies is that I don’t know everything, and there are many people who know more than me and who can help me prevent and prevent mistakes.

Feet first, not the first

I found one thing in common with almost all the people I spoke about starting my own business. They minimized their risks in the beginning . They all did something that was very similar to this:

  • Worked a day job.
  • Started a second venture on the side.
  • I have worked hard to develop it and make it successful.
  • When / or successful, slowly slowly eased into making their second business their main source of income, and then let that day job slip away slowly.

Starting your own business can and should be pretty scary. If there is not a bit of fear in your head, you are probably Daniel Quilpijk a little too arrogant. But don’t let this fear prevent you from realizing your dreams. Find your talent or passion, change it into something that people want to pay your money for and then take care of it! Be careful, do some research and do not dive into the head first, and one day you could very easily work for yourself.

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